Why Choose WellPledge?

Lose weight, manage your diabetes, and lower your blood pressure

One-on-one coaching

Daily personalized feedback from your coach who will offer support, hold you accountable, and cheer you on along the way.

Mobile platform

Our easy to use mobile platform allows you to stay on top of your health and connect with your coach at any time from anywhere.

Photo logging

Easily log your meals by snapping a photo. Your coach will provide suggestions, tips, and healthy alternatives.

Interactive tools

We make it easy to record your food, exercise, track your weight, and other relevant medical information.


Read What People Are Saying About Us

"In my experience, having a person you can work with who knows your personal circumstances and can tailor advice for you is very valuable, but it’s not always easy to make time for face-to-face meetings and they can get expensive."

- Don G. (Chicago)

"The single biggest question a diabetic has is 'what do I eat?' - and the answer is different for everyone."

- Joe N. (Buffalo NY)

"It's hard to see my doctor as frequently as I should. I make an appointment when something’s really wrong, but I don’t want to ask him about little things like food that come up every day."

- Shelly T. (Tampa FL)


Stay on top of your health with our mobile platform

Coach List

Choose from a list of highly qualified coaches.

Live Chat Messages

Talk with your coach on the go.

Health Tracker

Keep track of your health and exercise habits.

Messages Inbox

Valuable tips on improving your health.

Health Blog™

Gain access to curated articles and media.

Log Your Meals

Snap photos to share and discuss with your coach.

User Settings

Total control over your user profile.

And much more!

We're always adding exciting, new features.

Health Blog

Read news and articles by selecting a topic


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